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About Jon's Auto Dealership

This is a sample site that I created for my portfolio. It features a modern look and a responsive design. It uses custom wordpress post types to make it a breeze to add new vehicles to the inventory. Each time a vehicle is added, a page is automatically created for that particular vehicle.

Advanced Custom Search

This website features a very handy, highly customizable, advanced search and filter system. As new vehicles are added to the database, it will automatically create a new page for that vehicle, add it to the search results and feature it under other vehicles as well. The process is automated.

Custom Wordpress Post Types

Custom post types makes adding vehicle listings(or any other type of listing) a breeze. It automates page creation for each vehicle so have more time focus on your customers. Each time you wish to add a new vehicle, just enter the information, and BOOM. A new page is created with proper formatting and even better, a responsive design.

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